Yuliya Mayarchuk

Hailing from Ukraine, Yuliya Mayarchuk possesses a beautiful face and a very seductive body. In one movie alone, Cheeky, she bared skin so many times that it catapulted her to fame especially among her the male species. If you see this film, you would definitely get a natural high every time Yuliya went topless and nude in her scenes.

This 5'7" European hottie has all the features of a beautiful woman you could ask for -- blonde hair, blue eyes, and impossibly sexy body. Mayarchuk, despite her Eastern European descent, is a model and an actress in Italy. She has appeared in many Italian families such as Transgredire, which was directed by Tinto Brass. She has also appeared on many Italian TV shows such as La Squadra and L'Italiano. For some time, Yuliya Mayarchuk dated Gerard Butler, the star of 300.

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