Trish Stratus

To somebody who is just getting to know Trish Stratus for the first time, this is the bad news: you might be put off if you do not like diminutive hotties, for she is one. The good news is that if you could see beyond the physique, you would see that her breasts are big, luscious, and very erect. Her sexy figure and gargantuan hooters are surely among the reasons why she garnered a lot of loyal male admirers when she joined the professional world of wrestling.

However, she decided to retire from the sport in 2006 to concentrate on the personal facets of her life. Just 2 weeks after she fought in the ring one final time, she married her fiance, named Ron Fisco. Well, to her adoring fans, you need not weep. Her many photos and the articles written about this sexy vixen are still gracing the Internet pages, and you would still get your fill staring at those gorgeous breasts and sexy body!

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