Tila Tequila

Hailing from Singapore, Tila spent a stormy kind of childhood, for she was immersed in drugs and sex. She spent her formative years in Houston, Texas, and when she reached 18, a Playboy scout discovered her. Tila has never been hesitant in revealing her true sexual orientation to the world. Maybe she is a lesbian or bisexual, but many of her male fans do not care. For as long as they see her fantastic breasts, those creamy legs, and swaying hips, Tila could marry a dozen women for all they cared.

Tila did all of the following: had a fierce fling with Courtenay Simmel, advised ladies to withhold sex from prospective suitors, even touched breasts of models in front of the public, and has come out with a book (one with a very long title).

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