Susan Sarandon

Whether you know her as Susan Sarandon or Susan Tomaling, it does not matter, for you would immediately recognize her on sight when you see her face on TV or any kind of magazine. This celeb is one of the most accomplished among the actresses of her generation, and it does not hurt that she also has a luscious set of breasts, especially during her younger years... Well, she is no longer young, but to say that her body has remained desirable is no exaggeration. Want to see her on her younger years in movies that would surely awaken your restful libido? First, you might want to check out Sweet Hearts Dance, where you could get to take a peek at those breasts from an open robe. That or revisit the Hunger (1983), where she exhibited both sex appeal and an actor's maturity by doing a lesbian scene with Catherine Deneuve. She went topless in this old movie, much to the delight of her multitudes of admirers.

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