Sophie Monk

Sophie Monk, a blonde hottie, was initially known as a pop singer and model in her native country, but she found celebrity status in America through a high-profile relationship with Benji Madden. When she stopped appearing on TV, she showed her willingness to expose quite a lot of skin, much to the contentment of her male viewers.

Her Hollywood career started when she portrayed the icon Marilyn Monroe (The Mystery of Natalie Wood), then she spoofed Paris Hilton's commercial. And in the comedy flick Date Movie, she gave all and sundry a taste of her creamy, titillating, and very smooth butt. Year 2007 was for Sophie the "year of the tits"- for not a few times, she showed those luscious breasts of her onscreen. She managed to appear wearing skimpy clothing in Entourage and also in Sex and Death 101.

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