Sophie Marceau

If you are a Mel Gibson die-hard fan, then you surely would recognize Sophie Marceau as that princess who wanted to taste Gibson's sex prowess in the movie Braveheart. There may be no such thing as a sexy-actress-prodigy, but Marceau could probably come closest to being one. At the very tender age of 13, she did her first movie. After just a few years, this beautiful hottie raised the eyebrows of Parisian circles because of her controversial movie roles. She portrayed the role of a prostitute in a 1985 French flick. Are you dying to know which other movies she bared a lot of skin? Here is one: La Fidelite (2000), where she exposed her desirable and gleaming breasts in a couch-sex scene. Yes, you would also get to see her flawless ass on this film.

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