Sophie Howard

Why is Sophie Howard's body so incredible? Let us count the ways. First, Howard has big breasts, which are big without being terrifyingly large. Second, her breasts look great whether the cleavage is exposed or not. Third, her gorgeous body is said to be all-natural -- that is, untouched by the silicone technology. Fourth, her bust measures 34G, which is enough to give most male fans their share of wet dreams about this particular celeb. She did a lot of photo shoots for more than a few popular magazines, and being photographed with Michelle Marsh surely boosted her popularity ratings.

Oh, there's still another reason why her breasts are one for the books. In 2005, Loaded voted her as part of the Most Beautiful Breasts roster. There is no bigger compliment than that. UK's FHM rated her as #73 in the 100 Sexiest Women in the same year.

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