The Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Will Be Released Next Week!

Posted on 2010-09-22

Karissa Shannon's sex tape is soon available to watch and download, thanks to the infamous efforts of Heidi Montag's on and off husband Spencer Pratt.

Apparently the sex tape was stolen from Karisa Shannon and Sam Jones III's house during a party by Spencer Pratt himself. Although it was originally rumored that it showed the sexy Shannon Twin being fucked by an unknown dude, the truth is that in the tape she is getting 10 inches of Sam Jones III's black cock shoved deep into her little blonde pussy.
The tape is being peddled by Vivid Entertainment and after some broken heartedness and lots of spilled tears, Karissa ended up accepting a nice monetary "stimulus" which convinced her to endorse the tape. Isn't it always the same story?
Stay tuned, we will get the links to the tape up as soon as it is availible.