So Jodie Foster got Pushy and Shovy...

Posted on 2010-09-16

Jodie Foster almost got indicted today for reportedly "pushing and shoving" a 17 year old boy. But "almost" only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, so this incident didn't go any further than a little legal action that was dismissed anyway.

A few weeks ago, the star of Flightplan was walking around with her kids when the accuser got in front of her and started snapping photo after photo.
Despite Jodie Foster asking him to stop, he continued to, so the actress ended up indeed pushing him aside. The guy's father filed a police report, but today the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office decided not to let the case go any further and closed it for good.
Jodie Foster's camp issued a communiqué saying that "the man was a professional pap, possessing a large camera and telephoto lens", which definitely changes things.
And since we're talking about the award-winning actress, allow me to post this hot photo of her, complete with a little Jodie Foster nipple slip. It was snapped a little while ago, but let it serve as a reminder of how lovely she used to be.