Paris Hilton Sex Tape Downloaders Beware

Posted on 2011-01-25

Seven years after its initial release, the Paris Hilton sex tape is still being eagerly downloaded the world over. Some sites are even selling bootleg copies of the tape. If you are thinking of downloading a copy of this Internet classic, you might want to think twice since many downloaders are finding themselves facing a lawsuit.

Yes, that's right--downloaders are being sued by the legal owner of the copyrights to Paris Hilton's XXX video antics. Xpays Inc., the owner of the copyrights to "One Night in Paris", the title for Hilton's xxx romp has filed a "John Doe" lawsuit against illegal downloaders. "John Doe" lawsuits name unnamed defendants as "John Doe" to get a judgment. This gives the winner of the judgment the right to go after "John Does" it can later identify.
There's big money involved. As of this blog post, "One Night in Paris" has racked up millions of dollars--$10 million in its first year of release alone. Xpays Inc. obtained legal rights from Jim Salomon, the brother of the guy Paris Hilton had sex with in the video.