New platform - Back to basics

Posted on 2012-03-13

Our returning visitors has noticed this site has not been updated for a while. One of the reasons for the lack of updates is that it was difficult to add new content to the site. Now there is a new back-end that makes posting links and pictures much easier. That way I can keep the site fresh and post new content and it doesn't take all day.

You might notice some changes to the site as well. It now works more as it used to back a few years ago with the new links posted on the start page. Once in a while you will be presented one of our link friends, like many other sites of this nature. But I hope that a more frequently updated site will be more appreciated by both you and me.
I'm overwhelmed by all emails I got during the time I was unmotivated to keep running the site. Your comments made me not to close Celebrity Scandal for good. Thank you for all the support! And to the ones that can't behave in emails and comments, I have only one message for you: "Go somewhere else".