Jwoww's Nude Pictures Blocked by Court Order

Posted on 2011-01-23

Jersey Shore hottie Jwoww, a.k.a. Jenni Farley, has won a court injunction that will prevent several nude pictures from being released. The judge in the case has ruled that her ex-boyfriend does not have distribution rights to her nude pictures.

The NY judge accepted Jwoww's argument that the naked pics of the Jersey Shore star were shot without her consent. Even though her ex-boyfriend, Thomas Lippolis, says that Jwoww gave him permission, the judge was persuaded that the permission was defective because "she was under the effects of pre-surgical and post-surgical anesthesia". The pictures were shot in February 2010.
Lippolis says that Jwoww wanted the nude pics shot and there won't be any harmful effects on her reputation anyway since she had previously said she wanted to pose for Playboy.
The case goes to arbitration where the final decision on the pictures' ownership and release will be made. The nude pictures are just one part of lawsuits filed by Jwoww and Lippolis against each other. Lippolis claims that he was Jwoww's manager and is owed money for his services. In fact, he's claiming that he is responsible for Jwoww's success. Jwoww is counterclaiming for the return of the nude pictures.