Demi Moore Self-Shot Bikini Pictures

Posted on 2010-09-08

Demi Moore may be 47 years old but she has what it takes to keep her husband Ashton Kutcher interested, despite him being 15 years younger than her.

Demi Guynes Kutcher, more known as Demi Moore, posted a set of two photos of herself on Twitter posing in a bikini in front of the mirror.
Demi is sporting a terrific body with a tummy flatter than an ironing board and tits perkier than Mount Rushmore. If that's not enough to keep any young guy standing at attention 24 hours a day, I don't know what is!
Check out the self-shot bikini photos of Demi Moore above and see for yourself if you wouldn't give up fucking any younger girl to stay married to this tasty and classy MILF!