Carmen Electra Sexy Party Outfit

Posted on 2010-09-03

Although I have no idea where Carmen Electra is going or why she is dressed in this ridiculously hot outfit, and even though this post doesn't include any nipple slip photos of her, I decided to post it anyway.

We've been too long without a good Carmen Electra photo, and this one shows plenty of her cleavage, so what other reason could I need?
After all, "The Carmen" has a pair of tits that made history a decade ago, and here she is, showing as much of them as she can without getting arrested for public exposure.
There's a hot celebrity that makes history every ten years or so, and that becomes the icon of a generation, and undoubtedly Carmen Electra had that honor.
She's looking quite milfy and mature now, but she still has "it", as you can see in this ultra hot Carmen Electra photo!