Brittney Jones Sex Tape One of the Raunchiest Ever

Posted on 2011-01-20

Brittney Jones rose to fame a few months ago after she spread the rumor she had slept with Ashton Kutcher. Although her statement could never be proved, it was enough to give her her fleeting fifteen minutes of fame. And to make one of Hollywood's most solid marriages shake.

But Brittney Jones was not willing to disappear after her "supposed sex with Kutcher" scandal and, knowing how Hollywood works she had someone leak a sex tape where she appears completely naked and banging a former boyfriend (not Kutcher).
Steven Hirsch, founder of Vivid Entertainment, announced that his company had bought the tape and was in the process of releasing it, which triggered Brittney Jones' attorney to start a law suit demanding the tape to be scraped. Ashton Kutcher's attorneys also sued, but it was promptly dropped after the porn company promised not to mention Kutcher's name in relation with the tape.
After a few weeks of controversy, the beautiful 21 year old Jones also decided to drop the law suit and embraced her role as the latest Kim Kardashian. What's more, Jones admitted that her endorsement of her sex tape was inspired in Kim's success story which began just the same.
And so, Brittney Jones' Sex Tape, which is named Brittney Jones Confidential, is now available online and in sex stores all over the world. According to Vivid Entertainment, the sex in it is one of the raunchiest ever contained in any of their infamous sex tapes, and Brittney Jones sucks and fucks in it better than any street walker would!