Michelle Trachtenberg

From 1993 up to 1996, Michelle Trachtenberg did her very first dramatic portrayal -- that of an autistic kid in the soap All My Children, and this was followed by the lead role in Harriet the Spy, shown in 1996. When 2000 came, she joined the show that was probably responsible for her present popularity -- Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She stayed on with her character Dawn until 2003, which was the year the popular TV series for teens ended.

It is no wonder that so many hunks (of all ages) are fantasizing about her. The sex appeal is of course there, but the real thing is present -- that is, fabulous breasts, good butt, and clear skin. Do you want to see her butt-naked? Go rent a tape of 2006's Beautiful Ohio, or check it out at Mr Skin, and you'll see her doing exactly that in one of the scenes. You would really wish you could touch those buns when you see them onscreen.

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