Michelle Hunziker

Even as a young girl, Michelle Yvonne Hunziker already dreamed of becoming an interpreter. Thus, when she reached college, she attended a Bologna college and studied a wide array of languages: Italian, German, French, Dutch, and English. Ricardo Gay "unearthed" her potential, and persuaded her to be a model. Not long after, she got major contracts from Armani, Colmar, Fuerte Ventura, just to name a few.

This particular model has a superbly proportioned body, with a pair of breasts that would tempt even a blind guy. If you would care to surf the Internet, you would discover that her pictures (playing volleyball) are being downloaded or discussed in a number of forums. If you spend a long time checking them out, you might stumble upon this amusing site entitled Why Hunziker Should Play Volleyball Forever or something. (In this, she was wearing a 2-piece that showed her sexy body and flawless legs in their full radiance.)

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