Mel B

A famous British celebrity, Mel B or Melanie Brown, was first applauded when she joined the successful group Spice Girls. This pop singer turned TV personality and actress is also known as the "Scary Spice" of the girl band because of her eccentric and loud personality.

Aside from working with the rest of the Spice Girls, Mel B also did other projects. She collaborated with the famous artist Missy Elliott for the song "I Want You Back" and released her solo single "Word Up". Her career also includes hosting for the TV shows "Pure Naughty" and "This Is My Moment" and acting for the horror film "Lethal Dose".

Mel B released her unsuccessful solo album "Hot" in 2000 with mediocre reviews from her critics. She also released a few flopped singles such as "Feels So Good" and "Lullaby". Two years ago, Mel B's second album "LA State of Mind" was out but with no success. Her fans expect to see her on the "Dancing with the Stars'" fifth installment and on tours with her reunited group Spice Girls.

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