Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis, born on September 1980 in Slovakia, is a renowned tennis superstar. She began playing tennis at a very young age. Apparently, her parents are skilled players, which explains her adeptness in the sport. When Martina was still young, she was trained by her mom, Melanie Molitorova, to join and win different tennis competitions.

Martina Hingis's career is exceptional. Aside from being the youngest tennis player who became a Wimbledon champion and has bagged five Grand Slam titles, she was also named as among the best doubles players in history. In 1997, Martina became the number one in all undefeated women tennis player.

In 2001, Martina underwent surgery for her ankle injuries that compelled her to take a break from the field. After roughly four years, Martina ended her hiatus from the sport and competed in Thailand. Today, she still competes and proves that she deserves the title "Swiss Miss". Martina Hingis was last seen in the court competing against Sania Mirza at the East West Bank Classic WTA Tournament in August 2007.

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