Lil Kim

A popular female rapper recognized for her signature sultry looks, Lil' Kim was born as Kimberly Denise Jones on July 11, 1974. Saved by hitmaker Notorious B.I.G from a rather despicable life on the Brooklyn streets, Lil' Kim's life started to change as she began a singing career.

In 1995, Lil' Kim, together with the other members of the now defunct hip-hop group MAFIA, launched their first album entitled "Conspiracy" and became an instant hit. A year later, this provocative and talented rapper/performer launched a solo act through her own album "Hard Core". Following the tragic death of her mentor Notorious B.I.G., this talented singer took a break from her singing career. The following years earned her an award-winning collaboration with other singers and hit songs that topped the charts.

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