Leelee Sobieski

Her real name is Liliane Rudabet Sobieski, but she is popularly known as Leelee Sobieski. She started building her fan base in the movies Eyes Wide Shut and A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries, but when she revealed her gorgeous boobs and backside in a very revealing bikini in The Glass House, her share of male admirers increased by leaps and bounds. That movie was shown in 2001, and right a year after, she went naked in the war film Uprising. Once more in that year, she showed her much-admired boobs (and butt) in L'idole (drama).

If you are thinking that she is all skin and no acting talents, then you'd better watch In a Dark Place. Here, she portrayed a lesbian role with Tara Fitzgerald (who went topless in this film). She also gave a notable performance in the thriller 88 Minutes, where she acted alongside another sexy celeb, Leah Cairns.

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