Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari became known when she joined Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. Being strongly alluring makes her one of the most attractive personalities in every red carpet event that she goes to. Cavallari is the busty and juice type which is the stereotype of blondes. But she has an appeal which is unique to her. Her broad shoulders, for one, give her that supermodel look. Her natural 32-inch bust makes her body more luscious. You look at her body and you would know right away that you would die just to see her nude.

Cavallari only started in 2004 but her daring attitude instantly made Cavallari known for modeling female short hairstyles. Nowadays, she is no stranger to being photographed by the paparazzi. As the latest member of MTV's The Hills, she is one hot vixen that you should look out for.

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