Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh is not just an ordinary catwalk model, she is also a topless model. She is not just any person who would pose for a magazine, Marsh is a magazine icon. Jodie is a cute chick with a big attitude. Standing at 5'2", her 40-inch bust seems oversized for her. But she carries those parts so nonchalantly that they look so perfect on her.

Her nice nipples complement her busty chest perfectly. It is not a secret that she had her breasts augmented in 2007, but artificial ones do not matter as long as they look hot on her. Her tattoo-drenched left arm also adds to her naughty attitude. The wishes of Playboy fans finally came true when she did some nude photo shots for the magazine last April. That particular issue was one of the top-selling issues of that popular men's magazine.

Info text last edited 2009-07-18

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