Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell, with her flaming red hair, caught the attention of teenage girls the world over with her platform shoes and Union Jack outfit during her days with the Spice Girls, an attention that strengthened even after she announced that she was quitting the group in May of 1998. This move has been considered by fans and critics alike as the cause behind the waning of the band's fame.

Of Spanish-Swedish-English descent, Geri Halliwell was first a nightclub dancer and nude model prior to being part of the Spice Girls. A year after her much-publicized departure from the wildly successful girl group, Geri released the single "Look At Me," which sold a million copies globally. This was followed by two more albums. Last June, Geri announced that she will become Ginger Spice again, at least for the duration of their reunion tour set to start in December.

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