Gena Lee Nolin

Baywatch girl Gena Lee Nolin started a life radically different from her dizzying lifestyle of photo shoots and television. She was born on a farm in Duluth, Minnesota, a virtual unknown, until she moved to Las Vegas as a waitress and bagged the Miss Las Vegas title.

From there, she lived in the fast lane, having caught the eye of a number of modeling firms, but not really landing any big-time stints at once. She had two failed marriages before receiving breast implants in 1993, won over 1,200 women to be a Barker Beauty on TV's "The Price Is Right," landed a major role in Baywatch, had a baby, quit Baywatch, posed for Magazines, and had her first major show ("Sheena") canceled--all in a span of nine years. In 2004, Gena married NHL hockey player Cale Hulse.

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