Dita Von Teese

Who wouldn't want to get a piece of the "Queen of Burlesque"? Dita Von Teese has that classic beauty that just would never fade. At 36, she is still one of the sexiest female personalities in the US. Corsets, basques, and stockings never looked as sexy when they're worn by Ms. Von Teese. Of course, these things are made to be taken off to go burlesque. So why not see the sexy queen nude?

Dita first appeared topless in Playboy magazine in 1999. She also appeared in Hugh Hefner's Girlfriends 2 that same year. Two years later, the people at Playboy realized that they should feature more of this effortlessly gorgeous vixen. Her appearance in the magazine in 2001 was followed by another steamy photo shoot the following year. Dita Von Teese is the perfect embodiment of the burlesque -- sexy, flawless, and sizzling at the same time. Thanks to Dita, burlesque has once again become popular.

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