Deborah Unger

Canada can be a very cold place to live in, but not with Deborah Unger around. Unger first showed her acting prowess in the Australian series, Bangkok Hilton, where she co-starred with A-list Hollywood celebrity Nicole Kidman. While her performance in her debut was relatively tame, the public would then get to see more of this sexy celeb when she appeared in the movie Whispers in the Dark, where she had a few nude scenes.

If you still want to see more Unger skin, you ought to see her beach video where she showed some of her most intimate body parts. There is also a scene in the 1996 movie, Crash, where she went topless for almost a minute and a half. Unger again showed her daring nature when she starred in the 1994 film, Highlander III: The Final Dimension. In the movie, Unger can be seen nude in a sex scene. More recently, this Canadian-born hottie can be seen in 88 Minutes and Walled In, which were both released in 2008.

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