Alison Lohman

Who wouldn't want to be dragged to hell just for a sight of Alison Lohman naked? Many men would say yes to that in heartbeat. Alison is an up and coming American actress, best remembered for her role in Drag Me To Hell, White Oleander, and Where the Truth Lies. She was also in Big Fish and Matchstick Men. Alison has also dabbled in television a bit, through shows such as Tucker, Pasadena, and Crusade.

Alison's career began in a couple of B movies, like Planet Patrol and Kraa! The Sea Monsters. While you've probably never heard of these movies, they led the way to bigger breaks where she was able to work with acclaimed directors and actresses, like Tim Burton, Ridley Scott, Renee Zellweger, and Nicolas Cage.

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