Vanessa Minnillo

Actress and model

Vanessa Minnillo
Country Philippines Philippines
Born November 9, 1980
Age 38 years
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Total 179 pics
Content added June 11, 2009
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Vanessa Minnillo at Exploited Fame


Vanessa Minnillo was born on November 9, 1980 at a military camp at the Philippines. That does not make her a Filipina though, for her looks are not strictly Caucasian, her sexiness appealed largely to mainly American audiences. Minnillo first got noticed by the public when won Miss Teen South Carolina. She represented her state in the Miss Teen USA in 1998 and eventually won the much-coveted crown.

Her many male fans are still waiting for the day when she would finally shed off her clothes and show all of her sexy body. But for now, these fans would have to settle for her sexy portrayals. On TV, she flaunted her unparalleled sex appeal on the following shows: Entertainment Tonight, MTV Prom Date, Total Request Live, and Beat Seekers. In most of these shows, she acted as the host. Minnillo dated 98 Degrees vocalist, Nick Lachey, for a couple of years.

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