Torrie Wilson

Pro wrestler and model

Torrie Wilson
Country USA USA
Born July 24, 1975
Age 43 years
Galleries 12
Total 181 pics
Content added July 3, 2010
icon legend

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Torrie Wilson at Exploited Fame


There are many ways to fame. These include acting, TV hosting, and singing, but Torrie Wilson has taken a quite unusual route -- wrestling. During the late 90s, the world began noticing her strong presence (and stronger sex appeal) in the wrestling world, where she herself competed for the top competition honors. When 2007 came, she was already a household name for audiences who kept on watching wrestling matches on the tube. She has a dog named Chloe that she keeps on bringing to the ring, which is something that animal lovers liked. To those many guys who keep on fantasizing about Torrie, many of them could not care less about the dog, for as long as they see the sexy body of Torrie Wilson in the ring, they're happy. Torrie is now acknowledged as part of the long-standing traditions of WWE.

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