Tori Spelling

Actress and daughter of Aaron Spelling

Tori Spelling
Country USA USA
Born May 16, 1973
Age 45 years
Galleries 9
Total 141 pics
Content added November 22, 2011
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Tori Spelling at Montana Fishburne


"NoTORIous." Who am I talking about? You guessed it: it's Tori Spelling. She's back in the game with her new TV series, "NoTORIous," to be shown soon in MTV's VH1. The show has the former Beverly Hills 90210 star going about her many everyday tasks.

It should not be a tough job anymore to multi task for this actress who has been in the scene since the 1980s. But little did we know that aside from acting, Tori has a passion for dogs. She has been actively supporting charities for unsheltered dogs in California which only shows that Tori, is not notorious at all, the girl has a kind heart.

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