Stacy Ferguson


Stacy Ferguson
Country USA USA
Born March 27, 1975
Age 43 years
Galleries 22
Total 336 pics, 4 videos
Content added January 2, 2015
icon legend

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Stacy Ferguson at Exploited Fame


To say that Stacy Ferguson is simply hot is to say that Garry Kasparov was just an ordinary grandmaster, or to call Federer as another run-of-the-mill tennis champ. Thus, to describe her, we would have to use the words "super hot" or "mega hot." She was very famous for being "Fergie" in the all-girl group Wild Orchid. Her male fan base increased by the day, as she showcased her gorgeous body in music videos such as Big Girls Dont Cry, Clumsy, Glamorous, and London Bridge. London Bridge (as per the song) may have fallen down, but when you get to see her cleavage and legs, your lust for this vixen would surely NOT fall down. It would remain up and alive for quite a long time. She also did a lesbian role in Planet Terror, and now that is something to see!

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