Shannon Elizabeth

Actress and model

Shannon Elizabeth
Country USA USA
Born September 7, 1973
Age 45 years
Galleries 13
Total 221 pics
Content added March 31, 2013
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Shanon Elizabeth's real name is Shannon Elizabeth Fadal. She was born in Houston Texas on September 7, 1973, though she mostly grew up in Waco, Texas. Standing five feet and nine inches, she easily found a modeling career in countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, and Milan.

When she came back in the US, she pursued the same career, but later on found herself treading the path of acting instead. She can easily be recognized for her role as the campus' perfect girl in the infamous movie American Pie. After that film, she appeared in other films such as Scary Movie and Tomcats.

Currently, besides show business, Elizabeth happens to be one of the leading celebrity poker players. She plays poker in Las Vegas at most three times a month. She also happens to participate in different competitions involving the said game.

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