Shalom Harlow

Model and actress

Shalom Harlow
Country Canada Canada
Born December 5, 1973
Age 44 years
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Total 101 pics
Content added April 15, 2012
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Hailing from Ontario, Shalom Harlow's natural talent for modelling was immediately noticed in Toronto's Cure concert. Shalom began modelling right after high school. Her name may mean "peaceful," but her ascent in the industry is anything but. She has been recognized as a topnotch model that worked for many magazines, but she also had many appearances for fashion shows. Mind you, not ordinary fashion shows -- but those under the names of Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren.

The many fans she has who keep on lusting after her curvaceous body flocked to the theaters to see her in the few times she graced the silver screen. Do you want to know how she managed to keep her curves in all the right places? Hate veggies if you want, but being a vegetarian, according to her, did the trick.

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