Sam Heuston

Big Brother contestant

Sam Heuston
Country England England
Born February 9, 1982
Age 36 years
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Content added March 4, 2010
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Sam Heuston at Mr Skin - Black Celebs


Sam Heuston was one of the housemates in 2005 season of Big Brother. Sam was the 3rd contestant to get the boot. That she was the sexiest in the bunch could be argued with, but that she had the most pleasing face was a fact as evidenced by her solid male following. When she was evicted, the men's magazines gave respect to her oozing sex appeal by asking her to grace their pages.

That she did, and the News of the World also put out a feature on her. When she was interviewed, she said that she joined the popular contest because she wanted to be famous. Would you believe it that she even had a boob job in those days? Well, enhanced or not, her many male fans could not care less, for as long as they get to see those nipples in a movie sometime in the near future.

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