Rihanna Pussy Lip Slip

Posted June 22, 2010 by cindy

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Remember those Rihanna nude photos from about a year ago? Well, this Rihanna pussy lip picture is just as good, because it is a true candid, and those are just priceless.

Rihanna is one of the most popular singers in today's world and she's gathered a lot of attention from her accidental wardrobe malfunctions - not just her singing talents.

She may have the voice of an angel but seeing her pussy right there in front of your face would have you thinking of doing naughty things to it that you'd never do to an angel!

Just looking at that picture you can get a good idea of what Rihanna's pussy would look like without those ridiculously short shorts on!

This is one accidental nudity shot of her that you don't want to miss!! Take a close look at this photo and check out Rihanna's pussy lip... meaty, ain't it?


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    CJ - June 23, 2010 (01:24)  #131

    What has happened to her face? She looks like an old lady!

  • user

    qwehussam - June 22, 2010 (18:15)  #129