Rachel Stevens

Singer, actress and model

Rachel Stevens
Country England England
Born April 9, 1978
Age 40 years
Galleries 9
Total 140 pics
Content added January 29, 2016
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Rachel Stevens' career took off when she clinched a modelling contest when she was just 15. Later on, she joined a UK group called S Club 7. The band's name may be boring yes, but the girls themselves were anything but. Stevens and her bandmates went about with their juggling breasts and swaying hips clad in skimpy attires. They even made it to the British network BBC, which was no small thing to scoff at.

Her perfect physique surely was one of the reasons why she got the roles for some films. In the feature film Suzie Gold, male fans would get their fill, at least if their imagination is strong enough. She did a parody of Kirsten Dunst's role in the Spider-man series. I do not know about you, but if Rachel were a real spider, I would not hesitate on driving straight to her web.

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