Petra Nemcova


Petra Nemcova
Country CzechRepublic CzechRepublic
Born June 24, 1979
Age 39 years
Galleries 24
Total 384 pics
Content added July 2, 2013
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A glamorous supermodel, Petra Nemcova, has been gracing the fashion world since age 16, right after being discovered in a talent search. Born on June 27, 1979 in the then communist Czech Republic, Petra had an early liking for fashion, creating outfits for herself and her friends. But soon after, her interest in fashion catapulted her to fame, which then brought her to the pages of 2003 and 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues and made her the figure of fashion gods Max Factor, Victoria's Secret, Valentino, and Armani.

Last December 2004, Petra was a victim of a tsunami in Thailand by which he lost his fiance, Simon Atlee. Seemingly inspired by the pain that resulted from the tragedy, Petra founded the Happy Hearts Fund, a campaign designed to help the needy young people.

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Posted April 24, 2009 by cindy

Petra Nemcova

Petra Nemcova Nude

Petra Nemcova knows the view of her perfectly shaped anatomy will make your inner temperature soar... so what better way to fix this than adding ice to the equation? comments (0)

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