Paulina Rubio


Paulina Rubio
Country Mexico Mexico
Born June 17, 1971
Age 47 years
Galleries 9
Total 145 pics
Content added June 21, 2010
icon legend

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Paulina Rubio at Exploited Fame


It could be argued that Paulina Rubio is the most sensual singer of her generation. Sexuality is effortlessly dripping all over this hot female celeb - whether you are watching a vid clip, a shoot, or a TV appearance. Do you want to know what Miami Herald wrote about her? That Rubio has the ability to mix sensuality with feminist statements and a streak of independence. This in turn makes her enticing to both genders.

Even if she was not sexy, she has the talent, no doubt about it. She has been nominated for both the Latin Grammys and the main Grammys. She also tried out acting, having participated in a number of soaps. The most unforgettable of her roles in soap operas would be that of Andrea in the show Baila Conmigo.

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