Olsen Twins


Olsen Twins
Country USA USA
Born June 13, 1986
Age 32 years
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Olsen Twins at Exploited Fame


Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen started enjoying the fame when they were given the Michelle Tanner role in the popular TV show "Full House". The break given to them in the TV industry eventually resulted into various other successful feats including product endorsements and movies. The Olsen Twins, also dubbed as among the wealthiest women in the world, starred in movies such as "New York Minute" and "Passport to Paris".

After the success of "Full House", Ashley and Mary-Kate established an entertainment firm they called Dualstar. This eventually brought millions of revenues to the twins' career. The siblings also own a clothing line, The Row, which is found in Wal-Mart branches.

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Posted November 5, 2008 by cindy

Olsen Twins

Olsen Twins' Boob Jobs?

Just when you thought the Olsen Twins couldn't get any hotter, Ashley Olsen has a little surprise in store for us: the hot little blonde has decided to get her boobs done, wanting to look more voluptuous. comments (0)

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