Nikki Ziering

Model and actress

Nikki Ziering
Country USA USA
Born August 9, 1971
Age 47 years
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Total 46 pics, 4 videos
Content added December 12, 2007
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Her full name is Nikki Shiller Ziering, and this is one sexy female celebrity who is guaranteed to bring out your libido to its most alert state. All she needs to do is model one of the many bikini fashions in the market. From 1999 up to 2002, she was part of the Price is Right's stable of beauties. In 2005, she appeared in Celebrity Love Island and had a one-time thing with Paul Danan, a British thespian. Rumors came out that they had sex but they were both mum on the subject.

With her jaw-dropping breasts however, many of her adoring male fans could not care less about her flings. For as long as they keep on seeing her on the pages of magazines and on the public shows looking as sexy and as hot as ever, then everything would be okay.

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