Naomi Watts


Naomi Watts
Country England England
Born November 28, 1968
Age 50 years
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Total 208 pics, 9 videos
Content added April 2, 2013
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Naomi Watts, is a renowned actress originally from Kent, England. This British actress unveiled her acting career when she became a part of various Aussie TV dramas such as "Brides of Christ" and "Home and Away". When Naomi decided to try acting in the US, her first stints include appearing in the films "Children of the Corn IV" and "Dangerous Beauty".

In 2001, Naomi Watts was given the break to work for the movie "Mulholland Drive", where she won the Breakthrough Performance of the Year award from the National Board of Review and the Best Actress award from National Society of Film Critics Award. Her filmography also includes big films like "King Kong" and "The Ring" (English version).

Naomi Watts is busy doing several projects for next year. She will appear in the films "Need" and "We Are All the Same".

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