Mia Kirshner


Mia Kirshner
Country Canada Canada
Born January 25, 1975
Age 43 years
Galleries 9
Total 30 pics, 28 videos
Content added January 8, 2013
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She is famous among TV viewers for her character in the TV series 24, where she played a very intriguing role of an assassin. Mia Kirshner is one of the rare breed of celebs: beautiful, sexy, has good acting talents, and has amassed an impressive education. She studied both Russian and English literatures in the renowned McGill University. However, her most supportive male fans probably do not care at all about this. What they care about is that this hottie has the curves and the body capable of awakening their sleeping sex pistons -- any hour and any day of the week.

In the movie Now & Forever (2002), Kirshner scrubbed her breasts in full exposure, while still in another scene, you can see her in a tub and a teasing nipple was revealed. In Century Hotel, she did not hesitate to show her brests and very smooth butt. Her millions of fans (not just males) are eager for more.

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