Melissa Joan Hart


Melissa Joan Hart
Country USA USA
Born April 18, 1976
Age 42 years
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Content added January 5, 2008
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Melissa Joan Hart started acting at a very young age, at barely three years old. She did more than 20 TV commercials before her fifth birthday. Among her early stints were her appearances in shows like "Kane And Abel" and "The Equalizer".

Hart became really popular when she starred in the teen-oriented show for TV "Clarissa Explains It All". The same program made her won three of her four Young Artist Award nominations. In 1995, Melissa Joan Hart did the film "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch", which later on became a TV series.

In the late 90's Hart was seen in the teeny-bopper films "Can't Hardly Wait" and "Drive Me Crazy". Her latest acting flicks include the movie "Jesus, Mary, and Joey" and the TV show "Law & Order: SVU".

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