Meg Ryan


Meg Ryan
Country USA USA
Born November 19, 1961
Age 56 years
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Content added December 22, 2010
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A popular actress in Hollywood, Meg Ryan is among today's aspiring actresses' idol. This blonde first appeared in the movie "Rich and Famous" when she was yet 20. After a few acting flicks, including "Top Gun", Meg Ryan starred in the film "When Harry Met Sally", which was shown in 1989. She received her first Golden Globe nomination with this movie.

Aside from portraying bubbly characters in movies, Meg Ryan also became a successful actress with her pairing with actor Tom Hanks. The duo did several box-office films such as "Sleepless in Seattle", "Joe Versus the Volcano", and "You've Got Mail". Ryan also managed to make a few serious movies like "When A Man Loves A Woman" and "Gulf War".

Meg Ryan's latest project was the film "More Than You Know", which co-starred Antonio Banderas. She is also expected to do the remake of the classic movie "The Women" that will be shown in 2008.

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