Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey
Country USA USA
Born March 27, 1970
Age 48 years
Galleries 39
Total 633 pics
Content added August 25, 2014
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Mariah Carey is popularly called as the ultimate "songbird" due to her amazing vocal prowess. Her hit songs and records earned her numerous Grammy awards and is considered as a record-breaking singer. Several of Carey's hit songs include "One Sweet Day", "Heartbreaker", "My All", and "Fantasy". Her most recent album entitled "Emancipation of Mimi" produced chart-topping hits that solidified her reputation as a world-renowned singer.

Despite her unsuccessful movie "Glitter" in 2001 and rumors about her acting like a diva, her flexible voice continues to attract millions of fans worldwide as she is rumored to be currently doing yet another great album.

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Posted March 2, 2010 by cindy

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey's Ass goes Shopping

Behold the power of Spandex! Mariah Carey stuffed her massive booty into a pair of spandex pants and surprisingly, the fabric held up! comments (0)

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