Manuela Arcuri


Manuela Arcuri
Country Italy Italy
Born January 8, 1977
Age 41 years
Galleries 10
Total 166 pics
Content added November 5, 2011
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Manuela Arcuri started with minor roles in 1995 via the movies Black Holes and Graduates. From there, she made a few movies that garnered crucial praises from the Italian press/media. And arguably, her most famous role was in the movie Juana la Loca (2001). She also made guest appearances in the TV show Disokkupati. But TV appearances were not really her bread and butter.

Do you want to know which particular movie you'll get your fill, if what you really want is to see those luscious breasts of this Italian celeb? Watch a tape of the movie Cosa de Brujas (2003) and there are at least 3 scenes in that film where Arcuri went topless. First, you see her in a thong as she was dressing up. Second, in a sunbathing scene, she took off her bra. Third, somebody was viewing a video where she was riding a lucky guy. You just need to click the link above if you want to see the nude clips of Manuela Arcuri!

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