Maggie Gyllenhaal


Maggie Gyllenhaal
Country USA USA
Born November 16, 1977
Age 41 years
Galleries 14
Total 170 pics, 8 videos
Content added February 2, 2016
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Maggie Gyllenhaal's most significant role (arguably) would be that in the movie Secretary - for it gave her the strongest exposure. The movie may not have given her the most number of fans, but it could very well had been the film that started her multitudes of male admirers. That was the first time she bared onscreen, but luckily to the millions of guys salivating for her privates, definitely not the last.

She appeared in the drama Mona Lisa Smile, doing a supporting role alongside many other notables, but it was a safe role for her. In Sherrybaby, she played the role of a bad girl that went "badder" by going nude. In Strip Search, she gave her male fans all the satisfaction - by baring her butt, bush, and her breasts.

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