Ludivine Sagnier


Ludivine Sagnier
Country France France
Born July 3, 1979
Age 39 years
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Total 94 pics, 8 videos
Content added January 1, 2015
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Ludivine Sagnier at Exploited Fame


This adorable French actress began showing off her desirable privates in the 2000 movie Water Drops on Burning Rocks. In the movie, she played the role of a cheerleader whose butt, breasts, and pubic area made every male viewer awake and pumped up all throughout the show. The 2003 movie Swimming Pool was where she dished out some of her most revealing moments in the movies. In this movie, she appeared in scenes where she was braless sex on a couch, sunbathing topless at the poolside, taking a bubble bath topless, waking up (again) topless, and swimming in the nude. If you have never seen this movie, make sure not to miss it.

Not everybody dreams of getting into the Hollywood scene, and Ludivine is one of those people. Consistently declining Hollywood roles, she opted to stay in her native country.

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