Kylie Minogue

Singer and actress

Kylie Minogue
Country Australia Australia
Born May 28, 1968
Age 50 years
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Content added September 15, 2014
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A talented Aussie singer, Kylie Minogue started out as a talented actress and was selected to portray the character of "Charlene" in the TV series "Neighbors". Accidentally, a music executive discovered her and after that momentous event, Kylie Minogue signed recording contracts and started to produce chart-topping hits.

Being a performer who was able to produce hits within three decades, Kylie's chart-topping songs include "Confide In Me" "Slow", and "Can't Get You Out of My Head". In 2005, Kylie Minogue underwent a medical operation to treat her breast cancer. Last 2006, this award-winning singer began her "Showgirl" tour in Australia.

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Posted June 29, 2010 by cindy

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue Half Naked

Kylie Minogue beamed as she took to the stage for her Glastonbury debut this past weekend, showing lots of skin and getting a very approving nod from critics everywhere. comments (1)

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